STEK was founded in 1977 and has been continuously developing its films ever since. Today, our brand can be found in over 63 countries worldwide, starting in the USA and continuing through Canada, the Middle East, Russia, China and Oceania.

We are always looking for new and innovative niche products and are constantly expanding our portfolio with unique products on the paint protection market!

Our paint protection films

Discover our high-end paint protection films

At one glance!

Our premium paint protection film with perfect gloss, self-healing and hydrophobic properties and excellent protection

DYNOlite is a high quality PU paint protection film with excellent gloss and strong protection

The DYNOprism gives the paint a unique glitter finish

Combine carwrapping and paint protection film with our DYNOblack. It covers every color with a rich black and additionally protects the paint. Also available as DYNOred

The DYNOcarbon puts a 4d carbon layer on the existing paint, combining protection and modernity. Also available as extra glossy!

Give the vehicle, in addition to the protection, a modern and noble design with the matte property of DYNOmatt. Also available as black-matt

The DYNOdamascus in black and transparent gives the vehicle an exotic look that definitely catches the eye

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