About STEK


STEK was founded in 1977 and has continuously developed its films from the beginning. Today, our brand can be found in over 63 countries worldwide, starting in the USA and continuing through Canada, the Middle East, Russia, China and Oceania.
Worldwide leading manufacturers rely on the quality of our products and the service that has always been a principle for STEK.


With DYNOShield, STEK has one of the highest quality, most robust and easiest to install films on the market. The water-repellent and protective properties are second to none.
But our program consists not only of DYNOshield, but also of innovations such as DYNOblack or DYNOprism, as well as high-quality competitor products such as DYNOcarbon or DYNOmatt.

STEK Germany:

2019 marks the beginning of the market launch of STEK automotive products by STEK Germany. One of the largest markets in Europe is now getting the best paint protection film in the world. 
We have decades of experience in the national and international film business and offer first-class service together with first-class quality, according to STEK standards.